“I have attended the principle negotiation course lead by Ron and have discovered so much information about myself and how I can work with others to get a win win situation for all parties involved.

The course is well designed and gives information before and after the one day intensive course. It has helped me to think through problems that occur in my business and personally and come to a solution which benefits all parties involved.

Ron was great at explain techniques and terms as well as bringing it all together so that you come away with a technique that can be used for the rest of your life.

The ability to easily repeat the course a few months later help to added a new depth and greater understanding. I will use these skills both now and going forward and look forward working with Ron again.”

Susan Joyce

Owner at Susan Joyce Tutoring. Study and Exam Coach.

“Ron has been an integral part in building our company from ground zero. He was able to help us define our company goals, vision and target market in an efficient and enjoyable experience. Through his DISC assessment we have been able to pinpoint our strengths and areas of improvement in order to create the best experience for our clients and build a better business. We will continue to use Ron as our company grows and will implement his DISC assessments with new staff.”

Jamie Clark

Project Lead/ Co founder of Shelter Ridge Build and Design

He was the first person who heard everything I was doing and could articulate it back in a way that I understood; it wasn’t that what I was trying to do was unfeasible. It’s just I’d probably die trying to do it.

He changed my life. There’s no two ways about it. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t met him and then journeyed with him over a course of a number of years. Life is fundamentally better.

His ability to stand at a whiteboard and capture thoughts and discussion, back and forth conversation, question and answer, and then write out quite elaborate business plans within a couple hours and have action steps; one, two, three. He will help you identify where the allies are, where the enemies are, and where the resources are. It’s phenomenal.

I remember that almost every time he and I have sat down there wese revelational moments. Big insights and realizations into situations where I could understand clearly what I needed to do to succeed. Then a couple of fairly straightforward pieces of advice and the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place. I would have to say he’s been one of the most transformative people I’ve known.

Brian Matthews

Owner of Bioenergetics By Design

I would say Ron is one of the most curious people I’ve ever met and definitely holds my feet to the fire in a way that works with my speed. He is challenging, inquisitive, curious as to the why not just the what, which makes him a big, big asset in my world.

He really just wants to see me succeed.

He has a knowledgeable, curious ear, and is more than happy to help guide people through tough times and big decisions. When you meet him, you’ll just trust him.

I would recommend Ron to absolutely anybody that is going through any kind of struggles, or is on life’s edge. One of the statements that he made is, “I help business owners on the edge of things.” The edge of success, on the edge of failure, the edge of life. And I’ve always remembered that statement. He’s talked me off that same ledge a couple of times. He’s very good at that.

Sean Hiebert

Principal at Radius Technologies

I really like it when he gets into his coaching groove. I almost wasn’t ready for it at the beginning…when he starts talking and he has his coaching hat on, it’s quite calming. We were happy to listen to him explain and talk and teach/mentor/illuminate us with ideas and concepts and methodical ways of thinking about problems and solutions.

At one point I said “Listen, I need to have a chat with you. I’m feeling a little bit discombobulated, a little bit disjointed.” I chatted with him for a few minutes, explained what I was feeling. He asked some questions and then went right back to our original DISC assessments for the three partners.

“Here’s exactly why you’re feeling that way”, Ron replied and he was able to break it down from the work we had done two years earlier. And it was an instant reset that got me back on track. I knew I needed to be doing X, Y and Z to totally resolve this situation. 

He’s very conciliatory. He’s very accomplished in the area of coaching and mediation, but it doesn’t come off cold. He knows how to get right into issues and get you to start working them through. And you will be very relaxed and feel very comfortable almost immediately.

Calvin Wray

Partner, Watershed9

Ron is somebody that’s very well-rounded in the knowledge of conflict or just things not going smoothly, looking past what you get inundated by day by day to see next steps or what’s an opportunity.

We just recently got a text message from a contractor saying how easy his job was because of us. So yeah, I’ve seen some positive improvement, just mostly communication and making allies and trying to work through issues instead of writing people off because of them.

Melanie Verbeke

Co-Owner, Aluma-Glass

He’s great to talk with. Very easy-going ...free flowing. I would say business like, but not rigid.

…very straightforward and clear, and easy to follow, and easy to implement. I tell people “Hey, this guy is a great asset, great business coach.” I think anybody would get value out of him.

It’s the energy and enthusiasm that he brings as well, he is got a very positive vibe about him. Even on days where I go in there feeling like, “Oh my God, I’m not going to get anything out of this meeting.” I’m totally drained for one reason or another. That happened this week and I was like, “man, I don’t know… I didn’t get anything out of this meeting,” and it was probably the best meeting that we’ve had so far.

Brendan Vining

Vice President of Operations at Ram Construction

We started a few months ago meeting and going for a walk for two hours. So we’re constantly moving and we’re getting exercise while we’re having our meetings. And that to me was like an insanely positive change because now I’m getting health and burning off some energy while having that conversation. So it’s chatty, it’s comfortable. It’s never like pressurey. It’s pretty relaxed.

Ron is an extremely talented listener and helps you come to conclusions through your own thoughts without just telling you what to do. He’ll ask you a lot of questions, get you thinking, get your mind rolling, see what’s going on, ask you the right questions. By the end of the day, you’re like, “I know what to do.”

Every now and again, I’ll feel like, “Ah, I don’t really need to go meet with Ron today because I’ve got everything kind of dialed in and I’m good.” And I go meet with him, and at the end of the session, I’m like, “Oh man, that was awesome. I feel like I learned something I wasn’t even expecting to learn”.

My people skills are improving. My sales skills are improving. Ron is teaching me to listen to people better, understand them better, where they’re coming from…

Garry Hall

Owner, Mountainview Landscaping

Ron is warm, informative and non-judgemental while maintaining the ability to challenge people in a good way. As a listener, Ron is incredibly present, allowing for powerful insights to be revealed. Ron brings complimentary tools, experiences and skills that help you bring your business relationships to the next level.
Michelle Kertesz

Owner of Bridge Coaching

Loewen Coaching is here to help you move forward.