Our vision is the outworking of our values. Our values are the outworking of our beliefs. Do you know what your key values are when working on your vision? Have you tested your beliefs to see if they are helpful to you and to your business?

How confident are you that you are consistently living by your vision, values and beliefs?

I work with ambitious business leaders and owners to increase their confidence in their own vision, by helping them establish strong awareness of their values and making sure their beliefs support and enhance them.

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Sample product:

Values, Vision, Impact exercises and training – 4 to 8 hours

Values exercise – 2 hours

Impact/Feedback Awareness training – 4 to 8 hours Strategy


What are your 20 year life and business goals? If you can’t answer that question easily, then your strategic planning for your life and your business is suspect. Often folks know they need to plan 1 year out, some are planning 5 years out. The longer the vision, the more effective the strategy.

How do we balance our business and life goals? I believe that we can integrate our life goals into our business goals. This will allow us to build a business that fits us, our family and our community.

I help ambitious business leaders and owners to set goals and build the strategies, mindsets and skills to achieve them. I teach a holistic, relational methodology that allows my clients to get better results, every time.

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Sample Product:

20 year goal setting exercise – 2 hours

20–5–1–90 goal setting exercise–4–8 hours

Team Goal Setting – 3 hours facilitated dialogue


Are you a confident leader? Do you feel overmatched by your circumstances? Often business leaders and owners will feel unprepared for the many leadership demands of their businesses. Even those who have built significant leadership skills know that growth in this area means growth in their business.

Too often leadership is taught as power over, leading to damaged relationships and inefficient businesses. A collaborative, power with, style is so much harder, and so much more effective. Knowing how to influence others in a good way is a critical element to learn and I love teaching how to do this.

I help business leaders and owners grow in their leadership. Teaching collaborative, power with tools and skills I have seen businesses and profits grow significantly.

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Sample Product:

Full Leadership Training – 20 hours (10 two hour sessions)

Leadership Support and Strategic Development – 4 hours per month

Assessments – DISC, Motivators, EQ, Skills

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