Embrace the changes you need to create the business and life you desire.

Every person, every circumstance is unique.

As a passionate learner and teacher, it has been my life’s work to be a peace builder and change agent for people in business and in life. My expertise in conflict and negotiation has allowed me to master the tools and skills it requires to create and sustain positive change in myself and others. I find great joy in coming along side people who want an ally in shaping their business and life so they can have the impact they want to have.

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I would recommend Ron to absolutely anybody that is going through any kind of struggles, or is on life’s edge. One of the statements that he made is, “I help business owners on the edge of things.” The edge of success, on the edge of failure, the edge of life. And I’ve always remembered that statement. He’s talked me off that same ledge a couple of times. He’s very good at that.

Sean Hiebert

Principal at Radius Technologies


I really like it when he gets into his coaching groove. I almost wasn’t ready for it at the beginning…when he starts talking and he has his coaching hat on, it’s quite calming. We were happy to listen to him explain and talk and teach/mentor/illuminate us with ideas and concepts and methodical ways of thinking about problems and solutions.

At one point I said “Listen, I need to have a chat with you. I’m feeling a little bit discombobulated, a little bit disjointed.” I chatted with him for a few minutes, explained what I was feeling. He asked some questions and then went right back to our original DISC assessments for the three partners.

Calvin Wray

Partner, Watershed9


Ron is somebody that’s very well-rounded in the knowledge of conflict or just things not going smoothly, looking past what you get inundated by day by day to see next steps or what’s an opportunity.

We just recently got a text message from a contractor saying how easy his job was because of us. So yeah, I’ve seen some positive improvement, just mostly communication and making allies and trying to work through issues instead of writing people off because of them.

Melanie Verbeke

Co-Owner, Aluma-Glass

Non Judgemental

Ron is warm, informative and non-judgemental while maintaining the ability to challenge people in a good way. As a listener, Ron is incredibly present, allowing for powerful insights to be revealed. Ron brings complimentary tools, experiences and skills that help you bring your business relationships to the next level.

Michelle Kertesz

Owner of Bridge Coaching

Business Coaching


I work with business leaders who want to have a positive impact in their business and community.


 Our vision is the outworking of our values. Our values are the outworking of our beliefs. Do you know what your key values are when working on your vision? Have you tested your beliefs to see if they are helpful to you and to your business?

How confident are you that you are consistently living by your vision, values and beliefs?


What are your 20 year life and business goals? If you can’t answer that question easily, then your strategic planning for your life and your business is suspect. Often folks know they need to plan 1 year out, some are planning 5 years out. The longer the vision, the more effective the strategy.


Are you a confident leader? Do you feel overmatched by your circumstances? Often business leaders and owners will feel unprepared for the many leadership demands of their businesses. Even those who have built significant leadership skills know that growth in this area means growth in their business.

Loewen Coaching is here to help you move forward.


A nationally recognized leader in the fields of negotiation, conflict resolution, and restorative justice, Ron is familiar with the role of conflict and harm in businesses, organizations, and communities. His in-depth knowledge and experience allow him to creatively engage multiple audiences and deliver custom content for individuals and groups in interesting.

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