I work with business leaders who want to have a positive impact in their business and community.  I often find that they are starting something new or are looking to change, adapt or grow their current business. For more information click HERE.


I work with business owners who are also husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters and other relations who wish to have a positive impact in their families.  I find that they are seeking to manage their own impact, or the impact of others in their family.  For more information click HERE


Assessments are useful tools for self and other awareness.  They often help form the framework for where we can do the most efficient and useful work of professional and personal development and change.  I use TTI for DISC, EQ, and Stress assessments.  For more information click HERE

Your Guide To Change

Welcome to my site.  I have been working in the field of change internationally, nationally and locally for over 17 years.  As a passionate learner and teacher, it has been my life's work to be a peace builder and change agent in whatever context I have chosen.

My expertise in conflict and negotiation has allowed me to master the many tools and skills that are required to create and sustain change in myself and others.  I find great joy in coming along side people who want an ally in their business and in their life.  I want you to shape your business and life so you can have the impact you want to have.

I use many tools to help in guiding people, ranging from assessments (DISC, EQ, Negotiation Style) to principled negotiating tools to conflict management to restorative justice to coaching to training.  Lets just say I have a ton of options to help you move forward in a good way.


Next Steps...

This is what I love to do, if change is part of your life, please connect with me so we can make that next step together.